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Well, anyway, good luck with the gay rights side of things. In some areas, Johnson disagrees with Roman Catholic teaching. Full text of Josh's question Josh wrote: Yet they eat shellfish, so they are being hypocrites about the law. I contrast that with "silly" passages, like Leviticus

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So, there is no real conflict between what Jesus the Incarnate Word says and what the written word says in the Bible.

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Luke Timothy Johnson

His message was a particularly Jewish message to Jews in the promised land of Israel, before the crucifixion and resurrection. Terry My heart breaks that you proudly proclaim that you are an atheist. Review of The Real Jesus: If Acts 15 is so important, and it says, in verse 29 "That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In some areas, Johnson disagrees with Roman Catholic teaching. Jesus' sayings are embedded in James' exhortations in a form that is clearly not dependent on the written Gospels.

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In some areas, Johnson disagrees with Roman Catholic teaching. It is truly awful that so many Christians are attempting to use Leviticus for political ends. Please keep reading the Bible. The apostles and elders in Jerusalem studied, prayed and received guidance from the Holy Spirit that Gentiles were NOT required to keep Jewish law to be saved or to be in right relationship with God. Languages Deutsch Edit links.

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