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Click Here to find out more. Rather than shrug off the question, I take the time to actually answer. I am sorry for the legions of people who have said, done and prayed unimaginable, exclusionary and degrading things in the name of God. The guide answers initial questions and shares facts, strategies, and ways to show your support as an ally in the fight for LGBT equality. From bold colors and bolder displays of love, to small outfits and smaller inhibitions, Pride is both a party and a protest. To be clear, I don't consider myself an ally.

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In this interview, Christian and America share with me their revelation about being heterosexual people who are "gay.

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It may be hard to know how to react, leaving you with questions about what to say, how to talk about being LGBT and wanting to know what you can do to be supportive. SkilesContributor Contributor. I was born into this movement. And we need those who can't relate to that experience to lift us up in our celebration. Read the guide in full here. Have a news tip?

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It's a small labor, and the least you can do as someone who is not personally targeted by the hate. But we also need you to accept that this celebration was not intended for you. U ltimately, that makes a big difference in whether or not you're entering Pride responsibly. We want you, as a thoughtful ally, to celebrate with us. So we decided to strip away all of the scientific jargon. Retrieved from " https:

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