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He's someone who represents the underdog, and who fights for the downtrodden. Ollie aged into his forties, moved to Seattle, ditched the trick arrows in favour of your standard pointed type and fought street crime. InRobyn of Sherwood was released in a collected edition with new art by Rob Davis. The most extreme example of this shift in tone comes in "The Masked Marvel of Sherwood Forest" from issue The Wonder Year 2. In issue 12 he fights falcons trained to catch his arrows and a man-sized hawk.

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Grell is fan of the Robin Hood legend and his run contains many allusions to the legend, including such things as Ollie singing the s TV show theme as he practices archery.

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Robin Hood, Merry Men Reimagined as Gay ‘Burly Men in the Woods’

In the final two installments, the story turns to one of the earliest ballads for inspiration -- A Gest of Robyn Hode. After Grell left the series, Green Arrow was re-incorporated into the regular "DC Universe", teaming up with a variety of heroes and villains from other comics. Some of the hero's comic adventures were quite bizarre -- he faced off against tigers, hawks and apes. My point is that sexual identity, to the extent it existed, was much more fluid. His lands were seized by the evil Prince John. But then the comic strip contrasts the values of the medieval ballads with those of the 20th century.

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To quote from my paper on the subject, The Robin Hood of the Comics Code was very different from his medieval counterpart. How important was it for you to give a voice to a trans character in your story? Phoolan Devi, the late Bandit Queen of India, has often been called a Robin Hood figure, and she eventually became a politician. Left-wing activist and filmmaker Michael Moore has been compared to Robin Hood, but then so has Joerg Haider, the far right-wing Austrian politician. The annuals reprinted comic stories from issues of the Sun and Thriller Comics Library.

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