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I like that it feels like it's kind of a secret and hasn't yet been discovered by the masses. Your glassware should be sturdy as well as beautiful. Located right at the start of the Melrose neighborhood, Indian School Road and Seventh AvenueThe Rock is an intimate, tight space where bar queens sing Grace Jones' "Pull Up to the Bumper" over the booming bass of a lip sync in the neighboring showroom. At all times attempt to prevent jagging or breaking up the ice. It offers a good range of wines, beers and spirits from all over the world as well as cabaret style entertainment and live bands performing everything from oldies to reggae, pop, soul and rock. The music style you are most Read More Oh, and they're fun as hell.

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MUDDLER A muddler is to cocktails what a mortar and pestle is to food, and is essential for crushing up ingredients in cocktails, usually fresh fruit or herbs, to extract all those delicious oils and flavours to infuse through your cocktail.

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Build ingredients in a 1. Stirring is traditionally used to make drinks that contain just alcoholic ingredients and the desired texture is silky with a weighty flavour. Garrett MitchellArizona Republic Published 6: Sabrina B.

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Strain into a chilled martini glass.

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