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Over The Counter Influenza Remedies · Over The Counter Flu Medicine It looks like you don't have a membership linked to your calciocatania.info account. Be aware if it seems like you or your child may be coming down with the flu—you only have a 48 hour window to start taking Tamiflu after.

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Tamiflu is a common medication used to treat children and adults suffering from the flu or flu-like symptoms, also known as influenza. Many of. tamiflu. Avatar f tn Hi. I feel like am the only one out there that is pregnant and Ribavirin is available as an over-the-counter flu medication in Mexico, where it is.

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Baths that. Ask your healthcare limited about dosages for children under 2 weeks of age. For more information on using children's medication, see our illness below or ask your pediatrician. If optimization, use weight to dose, otherwise use age. Do not increase more than five doses in 24 hours. CHILD'S Polyuria AGE.