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Soma Schicksal (ソーマ・シックザール Soma Schicksal) is from the God Eater series. He uses a weapon called. Abdallah takes you through the exciting Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai Crossover, "Project X Zone" for the.

Soma and alisa from"god cutting"do their super move"over the clouds". Sufficiently be Burst Bullet shenanigans. (I limb mechanic. Only played it for a few weeks more like 2 hours.).

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Soma & Alisa - Project x Zone: Level 5 Stats HP: ATK: TEC: DEF: SPD: Move Range: 6 Attack Range. Alisa (the God Eater Burst one) is now a Solo Unit while her old partner Soma's whereabouts are unknown. Similarly, Kite fights alongside newcomer Haseo with Black Rose nowhere to be seen. Instead of teaming up with T-ELOS, KOS-MOS now fights alongside her Spiritual Successor Fiora. Flynn is now a Pair Unit with.

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