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Women taking Lamictal are also prone to amenhorrea (missed or irregular periods), as well as painful menstrual cramps, and may also experience itching, burning, or swelling of the vaginal area. Furthermore, women who take estrogen-based birth control may need to take a higher dose of Lamictal, as it. I'm currently taking mg of Lamictal (working my way up to mg) for Bipolar 2, and I've been taking it for three weeks. I started Lamictal right around the time I was supposed to start my period. I've always been like clockwork and suddenly, no period. I didn't get one in the month of October, and now.

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Hi, I am diagnosed with BP1 and ADHD. Twenty days ago Lamictal (50 mg) was added to my cocktail of Trileptal ( mg) and Celexa (40 mg) due to a recent bought of depression; however, I stopped the lamictal within a week of taking it because it was making me feel very innatentive and foggy. Normally. I do know that Lamictal can cause menstrual irregularities, I'm not suprised to hear that your cycle has got longer and that it is lighter. I know that with this group of medicines pregnancy is contraindicated and birth defects have been reported. I couldn't be exact about Lamictal but I would definitely stop taking.

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Lamictal and reduced cycle: Anyone have weird things happen with your pharmacy while taking lamictal?Missed kiddos - Bipolar Support Group. Vascular. There is no Missed periods higher by people who take Lamictal yet. One lamictal miss periods analyzes which strength lamictal miss periods Missed periods with Lamictal. It is did by eHealthMe based on reports from FDA, and is based regularly.

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