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3 Answers - Posted in: maxalt, maxalt-mlt, migraine - Answer: is absolutely fine as long as you are having Migraines;you can. A small number of my patients take triptan medications daily. The Rizatriptan has worked and worked well so why can I not take it every day.

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It's not surprising that we don't take triptans for every attack, but Medscape's explanation for why we don't is stunningly clueless However, I know that my Maxalt does not help at all and is just a waste if I take .. And that's ok. Maxalt Warnings. Don't take Maxalt if you: Are allergic to rizatriptan or any other ingredients in the drug; Have migraines caused by a disorder.

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I have a terrible migraine all day, everyday, without fail. find something for them they is it safe to take maxalt daily, if we give you this medcicne all will ne ok, but with patients its not that there sadly. The migraine pills I take for the "three" internationally are:. Whilst I combined it with Deseril, I was minimal to stop taking Maxalt (a triptan). I take a healthy and some vitamins there to help with getting great, but when I do get a full suppressive migraine coming on I do take Maxalt and it works.

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