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I am being induced tomorrow night with Cytotec (and then Pitocin in the morning if needed). Has anyone been induced successfully with Cytotec?Cytotec for induction — The Bump. My doctor wants to induce me because I have cholestasis of pregnancy. She wants to use Cytotec to start labor. The FDA does not suggest using this drug to.

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what was the experience like for you? my mw wants to try giving just cytotec and see if that will be enough to kick start my labor (i.e. without pitocin). i will be 42 weeks on thursday and she wants to try this on sunday. i told her ok but i can still change my mind. i was REALLY hoping to go on my own and still. Also, there have been a number of cases of Uterine rupture attributed to use of Cytotec. I thought this was an OLD practice that hospitals WERE NOT doing anymore but I guess I was wrong! There was a woman who was given this to induce labor (both her and baby very healthy) and it ended up causing a rupture killing her  Induction with CYTOTEC?? Experience anyone?? - August

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