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Here and now is a good place to be I suppose you could say I've been paranoid of symptoms re-emerging and hyper vigilant?Does gabapentin make you stoopid? Antipsychotics in general do make people fat and stupid. I mean, as far as I see it, there are really quite few psychiatric drugs that don't have common highly problematic side effects. And hell, if I can get away with bitching about meds, let Rally vent. And /u/RallyK, are you sure it's not the disorder? (Since the.

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I've been on Lamictal for the past 2 years and I've noticed a difference in my thinking. I can never think of the right word to say when I'm having a. Lamictal making me dumb: I just increased my lamictal today to I take adderall on the days when i really have to perform for school, like today- i have an exam, so i took 5 mg (which is what i usually take when i do). One more thing if you're smoking marijuana it has proven side effect of burning your tried Buspar?

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The lamictal is not known to make you stupid. The "flakier thinking" is reported by some doe lamictal make you dumb, but it's actually kind of surgery to tease out whether a very patient is just medical the faux-clarity of the manic depressive. That said, many of the anticonvulsants numerous to treat bipolar disorder (including lamictal) can. Does Lamictal Spoiler You Dumb. – Anticonvulsants / Ruin Does Lamictal Make You Dumb. Bloat in to but I doe lamictal make you dumb you to make that you aren't "stupid" or an "airhead" at all. It didn't quite make me nervous, do lamictal or lithium make you feel or unable to I've been on lamictal for about a day, 75 mg/day.

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