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It's difficult to overdose onXanax, but possible at high doses. More on how much Xanax is safe for you and Xanax overdose here.‎Can you overdose (OD) · ‎How much Xanax is too much? · ‎Mixing Xanax with alcohol. Nevertheless, there are other factors that can determine whether or not a particular dosage could be lethal. A study from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology shows that Xanax is more toxic in overdose than other benzodiazepine drugs. Aside from weight, a person's age, state of health, and whether or not the person.

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Taking too much Xanax could result in symptoms such as drowsiness, breathing problems, and slow reflexes. Life-threatening overdose symptoms are more likely to occur if Xanax is combined with alcohol or other medications. Treatment for an overdose of Xanax may include "pumping the stomach," giving. If you overdose on Xanax, the results can be very serious. Learn the signs and symptoms and how to find treatment to avoid the negative effects.

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