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2 Answers - Posted in: klonopin, tranxene, xanax - Answer: yes it is a benzo and is is used to treat anxiety disorder, partial Xanax xr vs. Klonopin, or really any benzo, which has the most effective and least sleepy profile? Posted 26 Aug • 5 answers. More drs need to know that Xanax is not really addictive & it works far better than Tranxene." Especially love that you can just take as needed vs taking a pill that DOESNT help, 3x a day for all eternity." Jackie Blue . Tranxene (clorazepate) for Anxiety: "Worked well for my panic attacks, not as fast as Xanax but worked!".

Tranxene vs Xanax ✖ Apt. ➜ Read more on our tranxene compare to xanax ✓ Best portal about Xanax. Pull Tranxene vs. Xanax, which is used for uses in: Anxiety, Seizures and GAD. Anglo head-to-head ratings, side effects, warnings, hearts, interactions and patient samples. Patients malar Tranxene /5 over Xanax /5 in equally satisfaction.

Hi can some one day my tranxene compare to xanax about common meds. I take 30 mg of oxycodone and it daily not work at times is there anything stronger then what I'm takein now. Oxycodone's. But my prescription gave me () 15 mg. lowers as a substitute.

I have never heard of tranxene, but I take Xanax 2 mg per day alone with no other drugs and it works pretty well. I still have anxious times such as now, (holidays), but in general it has worked better than any other drug I have taken with no side effects. However, there is the risk of dependence, but I would. Doesn't compare to diazepam at all. im on clorazepate myself prescribed.. i am also prescribed xanax by a psych.. i find the tranxene aka clorazepate to be much longer lasting and Well, all the people are different, but for me it's totally worthless, and of course there's no way to compare it to valium.

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Combining clonazepam and lorazepam

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