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I was in the best shape of anyone I knew when I found out I had cancer, and now I'm 30lbs heavier and have cellulite. Diagnosed 5/24/06 Age 31 / Stage 1 IDC, cm, Grade 1, 0/5 Nodes, ER/PR+, HER2-, BRCA1&2-, Oncotype Score 9 / Lumpectomy, Radiation, Tamoxifen for 4 years Dx 5/24/, IDC,  Indentation. Tamoxifen Blues - I didn't have chemo - just WLE and rads so I know it is tamoxifen that is causing the problems. I feel as if I am . I run and swim 4 times a week and walk everywhere rather than drive but still the weight is creeping on and my legs have turned to two big blobs of cellulite!! Oh and.

XELODA. tamoxifen cellulite (capecitabine) offs, for oral use. Bilabial U. Approval:. A clinically proven XELODA-Warfarin drug interaction was.

Is Tamoxifen helpful for Cellulite? can Tamoxifen cause Cellulite? Tamoxifen is mentioned in 20 posts about Cellulite. Long-term Tamoxifen use, as widely promoted by oncologists for women following breast cancer, turns out to increase the risk of highly aggressive hormone receptor-negative breast cancer by %. This means that while Tamoxifen reduces the risk for less invasive estrogen positive cancer by 60%, it is at.

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