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A pharmacokinetic interaction with rifampin, an antituberculosis agent and potent inducer of CYP3A4 and P-glycoprotein, and tacrolimus was evaluated in six healthy male volunteers. Tacrolimus was administered at doses of mg/kg orally and mg/kg/4 hours intravenously. The pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus were. Rifampin is known to affect the metabolism of tacrolimus through induction of CYP3A4 and, to a far lesser extent, CYP3A5., Although the interaction between these drugs is in theory well recognized, its clinical significance in adults has been reported for only 4 Asian patients,– 2 Hispanic patients,, and one Kuwaiti patient.‎INTRODUCTION · ‎CASE REPORT · ‎DISCUSSION · ‎CONCLUSIONS.

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Severe reduction in tacrolimus levels with rifampin despite multiple cytochrome P inhibitors: a case report. Bhaloo S(1), Prasad GV. Author information: (1)Pharmacy, St Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Although the rifampin-cyclosporine interaction is well described, information on the. Ann Pharmacother. Jan;34(1) Renal allograft dysfunction associated with rifampin-tacrolimus interaction. Chenhsu RY(1), Loong CC, Chou MH, Lin MF, Yang WC. Author information: (1)Department of Pharmacy, Veterans General Hospital-Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. [email protected]

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Classe pharmacothérapeutique. DIURETIQUE EPARGNEUR POTASSIQUE. Ce médicament contient un diurétique (la spironolactone) appartenant à la rifampin tacrolimus interaction des diurétiques épargneurs de. Mais cet effet natriurétique est faible, et la spironolactone n'est pas utilisé les cet effet, en dépit d'une rifampin tacrolimus interaction nette entre la ingle et l'effet. En cas d'inefficacité, dépendant de la susceptibilité de chaque individu, on pourra leur adjoindre une autre classe thérapeutique habituellement prescrite en cas d'hypertension.