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Hello, Yes he will be OK. His body weight is enough to protect him. There is a dose for percocet for dogs and a 60 lb dog would need more than a 5 mg. Just watch out for vomiting, diarrhea, and decreased appetite over the next day as a precaution. Thanks for your question. J Bache, DVM. Ask Your Own. I have a 10lb dog and I think he ate one of my 15mg Oxycodone. I found one on the floor and I am so careful with my meds I don't know how it got there. Will he be ok? This is a very potent drug that can lead to very severe respiratory depression as well as a low heart rate in dogs. We do not use this.

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Wonka ate a Percocet pill. Does anyone know how an overdose of percocet affects pugs? He ate a mg pill. While at a friends house he managed to eat a pill that fell on the floor, before anyone Thay had tried to call MSU to find out how it affect dogs, but didn't get an answer. . Chumley - my heart-pug. date: AUTHOR: ketbemo what would happen if a dog ate percocet Have you ever heard what happens to a dog when it drinks. analgesics And of course I never thought this would happen to MY dog. my dog ate 4 percocet 5/'s when he was 9 months old. he was just mellowed out and.

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