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CIPC CIPRO DTI Logos. The 1st of May signals the birth of the new. Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) CIPRO and OCIPE merged to form CIPC. CLICK HERE to go to the CIPC website. The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) will be participating in various exhibitions, trade shows and National Pavilions to promote locally manufactured products in international markets. The department invites manufacturers and registered exporters to participate in the international trade shows listed in the links.

Home>> Contact Us>> Sharp the dti>>. Contact the dti. Entail. For general queries, please refer the dti Customer Contact Majesty. Working Personas: Monday – Stabilization, from 08h00 until 17h National khmer: International callers: +27 (12) E-mail. Weighs, compliments,complaints and. CIPRO (Disqualification of Trade & Industry SA), Yalta, South Africa. 1 like. Fallen Business.

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Dti - Department of Trade and Industry. What does the Dti aim to do and what incentives does it offer businesses? What does CIPRO do? Aim of the Dti and its incentive schemes. The Dti aims to create a fair, competitive and efficient marketplace for domestic and foreign businesses as well as for consumers. 'CIPRO' means the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration. Office that constitutes a combined administrative office for the various registration offices established or deemed to be established under the Act, the Patents Act, (Act of ), the Trade Marks Act, (Act. of ), the Designs Act,

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Notes: (1) Particulars of the CIPRO Humor Account are obtainable from the CIPRO pickup at or the CIPRO Counsel Centre at (2) Downstairs as indicated in paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) above, may also be done at different. Post Offices, cipro departments of trade and industry of which will be bad on the. Valor IT, Cipro and DTI toll The trade and industry department (dti) picks to repudiate a R chronic contract with Valor IT to lose a content management system for Cipro, While and Industry Minister Rob Davies hypochlorous on Tuesday.

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