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Zofran is really expensive. A lot of insurance plans limit the amount they are willing to spend on expensive medications. My mom has been dealing with this for years with migraine medication. She hss to ration it because they limit the amount she can get. So she then ends up with migraines that last longer. Have you tried topical phenergan by any chance? My insurance also limits zofran, though not quite as badly as what yours does. I've found that topical phenergan helps a lot and my insurance doesn't limit it at all. It is a compounded drug so not any drugstore can provide it though. I get mine at Walgreens.

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My insurance will only let me get 6 of the generic Zofran pills at a time, up to 21 a month (which is weird since that's not even a multiple of 6).Zofran and Insurance — The Bump. I am having major issues with my insurance company over zofran. They will now only cover 26 pills a month. AHHHHH!!! I am currently taking two 4mg pills a day and it is keeping me sane, not puking, and even going to work sometimes. But now they want to limit me to 26 pills a month, which is like half of.

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