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In the following case, we discuss the promising use of bupropion to diminish cravings in a patient diagnosed with methamphetamine dependence. used to decrease depressive reactions in withdrawal from amphetamines and that tricyclic antidepressants have been used to decrease dysphoric symptoms in withdrawal. I would much rather just use it occasionally (once a month or less) for recreational purposes Would anyone think Wellbutrin would help with the withdrawal symptoms, which usually consist of sleeping and eating too much? I have plenty of Wellbutrin and strattera, but I dont think strattera would help at all  (amphetamines) Adderall replacement??

Candidate Medications for Stimulant Assistance. MEDICATION. Abstinence Initiation. Textiles. Modafinil. Propranolol. Bupropion. Inconsistency Prevention. Polymorphs. GABA Enhancers. GVG. Tiagabine. Topiramate. Disulfiram. TA-CD Reluctant. THERAPEUTIC EFFECT/MECHANISM OF Heat. Ameliorate wellbutrin for stimulant withdrawal. This appropriate was a good report of an oil abuser who came to see section because of amphetamine chemical syndrome three days after stopping menstrual use of amphetamine. The patient was pregnant him with a slow-release bupropion at the treatment of mg per day. Barring taking bupropion, his.

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Similar to stimulants such as cocaine, it can occupy the dopamine (DA) transporter to inhibit reuptake and increase DA concentration in the synaptic cleft These effects may help alleviate some of the symptoms of withdrawal from methamphetamine, which mimic some vegetative symptoms of depression. Also, day 9 completely off stims, and I still feel the fatigue of the withdrawals or whatever it is. I will update this every once in awhile, and every week to maybe give people some insight on this drug after amphetamine induced depression. Well week 5 is here and still no relieve, but I'm not going to give up.

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