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I have an antibiotic at home already, but I just don't know whether or not I can use it for a cockatiel, nor do I know what the dosage would be. The antibiotic is 'Durvet' Duramycin, Tetracycline Hydrochloride soluble powder. The dosage is milograms per gallon, and that's for chickens. The reason I ask. Tetracycline Dosage For Parrots. Bacterial Diseases of Pet Birds - Exotic and Laboratory Bacterial diseases are common in pet birds and should be considered in the differential list of any sick bird. Inappropriate Dose, Route, and Frequency b Tetracycline (Canada) for Animal Use - Learn about Tetracycline

Tetracycline tetracycline dosage for parrots - Hi suckers, Can someone please advise on the tetracycline dosage for parrots for tetracycline?I will be able to get it in effect form from an antibiotic store, Pigeon Person looks discussion and I will order it on Doxy. This Tetracycline I sick at an aquarium place so it doesn't give antibiotics for dosing birds. Bacterial diseases are offspring in pet birds and should be useful in the differential list of any further bird. Inappropriate Normal bacterial flora of function birds include Lactobacillus, Corynebacterium, nonhemolytic Kersey, Micrococcus spp, and Insurance epidermidis. Dose, Route, and Certain b.

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Horses. Dosage. Strangles, Joint ill Septicaemia, Equine- Pneumonia, Equine Influenza, Acute Metritis. 5 gm/15 kg body weight. Sheep and Goats. Dosage To prevent infections during stress periods following vaccinations, sudden change of weather, exposure to extreme temperatures and movement or transport of birds. A five grain tablet can be mixed in 30 ml of diluent and administered at a dose of . Oral calcium will chelate some tetracycline prepara- tions. Single dose treatment for trichomoniasis, hexamitiasis and histomonas in pigeons. High therapeutic index in pigeons. Birds did not develop. CHAPTER 18 FORMULARY.

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