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I stopped having a period completely after my second shot. Not a once since then, not even light spotting. I switch from the patch which I had been on for 3 years previous to the Depo. Last year I noticed a dramatic decrease in my sex drive. Hearing comments from my husband “I just don't do it for you. Coming Off Depo Provera. I was advised (all those years ago) that should I ever decide I wanted to have a baby, it could take a while to happen after discontinuing the injections. I was told that it could take up to two years for my period and fertility to return to normal. I have to say it took about half a year.

Revision No. : We pub 1 people who take Concerta and Advil pm from FDA. Parison interactions are period after stopping depo provera shot. See what they are, when they say and for whom. medications are very to interact with Concerta. Includes Abilify (aripiprazole), Adderall (amphetaminedextroamphetamine), clonazepam. Can I take Advil PM with Ritalin.

This is a deciding factor for some women because a common side effect of the shot is that menstruation stops altogether. For other women, however, spotting, heavy and irregular bleeding occur as a result of Depo Provera. Once you stop taking the shot, these menstrual irregularities can persist. Hatcher. There is no evidence that Depot contraceptives have any long term effects upon a woman's ability to conceive. You don't mention why you stopped taking Depo-Provera; are you trying to get pregnant? If your periods have not returned by 12 months after your last injection, and you are wanting to conceive.

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