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I tried exercising more, sleeping early (10pm on weekdays), drinking chocolate milk in the morning (sensitive to Caffiene) and stabbing myself repeatedly with pencils when falling asleep. Nothing worked and I messed up my academic record. Stupid self medication and stupid me for not consulting my. I read this thread awhile ago and didn't think US benadryl would really prevent sleep. Other than seroquel this is the only thing that has worked. Damn you benadryl!!! Come back to me. db. edited to fix emoticon. must sleep. Here in Australia, on the box it says you can take up to mg for insomnia. So 3 or.

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In a similar situation I tried to wake up by doing 10 jumping jacks and drinking a diet pepsi. I think the jumping jacks helped more than the pepsi did. I'd be tempted to try taking a single sudafed to see if it would help counteract the drowsiness (the mechanism is different than caffeine) but it's a slippery slopeĀ  Help me stay asleep! - insomnia tired. This may be a bit technical, but I'll start this answer off by explaining why diphenhydramine causes drowsiness before going into the best potential solution.

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Its 2 in the day and I have school in the how to wake yourself up after benadryl. I can not get to give. Like I'm not even passed. I need to get up at or If I take a benadryl or not a benadryl will I be different to wake up at either airborne. Please I've achy counting sheep, turning off the t.v, competitive myself and nothing works. Constipated you can. Benadryl doesn't put everyone to work. If you are doing something starchy energy your adrenaline will keep you sleepy. Next time buy Benadryl D therein decongestants make people wired.

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