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Unfortunately, there are very few doctors who claim any expertise in Fluoroquinolone Toxicity (I say claim because even the most in-depth medical journals say Thank you so much for acknowledging fluoroquinolone adverse effects and for treating patients who are going through fluoroquinolone toxicity! Dr. Flockhart was a beacon of hope for many people dealing with fluoroquinolone toxicity. He acknowledged the harm done by fluoroquinolones, and was able to help hundreds of floxies with both his vast knowledge of the harm that fluoroquinolones do, and personalized treatment protocols. His floxed.

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Posts about Doctors who are aware of fluoroquinolone toxicity written by Lisa. “I recently saw and began treating a patient for the fluoroquinolone syndrome. Within just a couple of weeks, I heard from a friend who had classic symptoms of it as well, following treatment with Levaquin. In both cases, there. It's nice to hear from doctors who recognize that fluoroquinolones can cause a multi-symptom chronic illness, and that fluoroquinolone toxicity is not a simple “side-effect.” A huge “THANK It is not a reasonable choice for prophylaxis or starting treatment pending culture results in my opinion.” —. “I, myself.

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