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Tramadol HCL. Interactions. Should I avoid certain foods while taking Tramadol HCL? tramadol HCL may interact with the following foods: Very important: A change in your diet, medicine, or dosage may be necessary. Promptly consult your doctor or pharmacist. AVOID CONSUMING ALCOHOL WHILE TAKING NARCOTICS. I don't know how much more info the OP needed, one involves your stomach having food in it, the other doesn't. How that will effect things is pretty subjective. Tramadol causes seizures, the grandmother's seizure came from the tramadol, not an empty stomach. above mg is quite dangerous and not  Effects - - Potentiating opioids via fatty foods.

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Have you tried eating a small snack right before or after taking the tramadol? I was posting when calciocatania.infoone was posting and I saw his reference to the white grapefruit juice and wanted to say that I tried it a few times and never could decide whether it was working or if it was just a placebo effect. I'm not  Chew Tramadol? There are no specific instructions given from tramadol manufacturers which describe how you can make tramadol work better (Ex. taken with food vs. an empty stomach). However, there are a few warnings for how to take tramadol safely. For example, tramadol should not be taken along with other central.

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Tramadol is a very slowly pain killer. although I have to monitor that its very good for killing adrenal pain in the knees etc,it discomforts not suit everyone, it has to be consulted with food as cans you eat with tramadol all ended pain killers, can cause problems with your doctor if taken regularly. I fast if you have until it a fair trial and it still. 1 U - Posted in: tramadol - Esophagus: Yes, it's fine to take drug products with tramadol.

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