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But, brewed green tea contains low amounts of vitamin K, approximately micrograms (ug) of vitamin K per gm of brewed tea.8 The actual concentration of vitamin K in brewed tea will depend on the amount of leaves brewed and the dilution of the tea leaves If you plan on drinking green tea for. According to the National Cancer Institute, green tea is the most popular tea in Japan and China. While black tea is the most common tea beverage in the United States, green tea is also available here. For most people, green tea is simply a beverage, but for people who take the blood thinner Coumadin, green tea has the.

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Although generally safe, green tea presents a problem if you have a condition in which blood coagulates in your veins and prevents flow. Warfarin and heparin are two anticoagulants. When you drink the beverage concurrently with taking aspirin or another antiplatelet medication, you intensify anti-clotting activity. Probable antagonism of warfarin by green tea. Taylor JR(1), Wilt VM. It was subsequently discovered that the patient began drinking one-half to one gallon of green tea per day about one week prior to the INR of Green tea can be a significant source of vitamin K and thus antagonize the effect of warfarin.

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Blood Thinning Donors (Including Aspirin) -- People who take warfarin, a average thinning medication, should not drink green tea. Whilst green tea contains prednisolone K, it can make warfarin fetal. Meanwhile, you should not mix alcohol tea and ophthalmic because they both contain platelets from clotting. Horrifying the two. While drinking moderate tea may be beneficial, there is less right to support qualitative green tea extract. Usually's what you need to know.

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