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Four Methods:Evaluating the SituationTreating Your Own Asthma AttackHelping Someone ElseTreat An Asthma Attack Without An InhalerCommunity Q&A. Asthma is .. Antihistamines include: Allegra, Benadryl, Dimetane, Claritin, Alavert, Tavist, Chlor-Trimeton, and Zyrtec, to name a few. Echinacea. Although antihistamines should be avoided during an acute asthmatic attack, these anticholinergic effects do not preclude the use of antihistamines in all asthmatic or COPD patients, particularly if the above respiratory symptom is not a primary component of the illness. Because diphenhydramine exhibits a.

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Will benadryl help asthma - Is it okay to take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) to help asthma symptoms? Won't help. Define your asthma symptoms, see your doctor or asthma specialist, good luck. Nursing Drug Guide from States that Benadryl should be used with caution in those with asthma attack. In another Drug book, I think it was Mosby's, it was totally contraindicated for acute asthmatic attack. I could find no where the reason for either. My enquiring mind wants to know why the hospital.

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